Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry

The registry is a storage area used by the Windows operating system to hold configuration settings. It is like a giant database for your computer. Everything that you do in Windows is recorded somewhere in the registry. It is a collection of entries for every hardware and software component installed on your computer. By removing these invalid entries, you can significantly improve the performance of your PC.

Generally, regular installation and uninstallation of software and day to day PC usage accumulate many junk files on your PC which affect the system’s performance. When more and more components and applications are installed, upgraded, or deleted, the Windows registry becomes congested with entries that may be outdated and sometimes gets corrupt. As a result, clogged registry may lead to unstable system performance and a slower PC. In such case, you need to use Registry Repair Tool to fix the registry errors.

Registry gets corrupted mainly if there are any invalid references made in the Windows Registry pointing to a DLL, program, font, uninstalled program, or other system information that does not exists on the computer. If programs are not uninstalled correctly or malware isn't cleaned properly then also you may encounter registry errors which indicates that your Windows 7 registry is corrupted. However, you should use appropriate tool to repair corrupted Windows 7 registry as poorly written third party tool may remove or change the registry improperly and can cause issues with certain programs resulting in Windows 7 startup problems.

Perfect Solution to repair corrupted Windows 7 registry:

The easiest way to deal with corrupted registry is by using Repair Registry Tool. If you think you have a computer problem caused by a Windows registry error, you can use this utility. It finds damaged registry files and restores them to its original state. It finds and fix the errors that dramatically slow down your computer. You can use this tool in order to easily fix Windows 7 corrupt registryand avoid them in future.

The Repair Registry has a powerful mechanism that helps in detecting and removing unnecessary and inaccurate registry entries from the registry. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor the progress of the scan. It analyzes different areas in your registry, and can identify many types of errors. The tool works with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. The clean registry option identifies unwanted registry entries in Windows 7 and fixes them to avoid annoying registry error messages. It makes your PC more stable. It provides two different modes for scanning. With Quick Scan option, you can rapidly scan registry file errors. With Custom Scan option, you can select only the specific areas to be scanned. You will surely not come across any registry errors after running the Repair Registry tool.

Steps to Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry

Step 1: Click on Repair Registry option from main screen as shown in Fig 1.

Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry - Remo Repair Registry screen

Figure 1. Remo Repair Registry screen

Step 2: Select Quick Scan from Repair Registry Screen. It scans for registry errors quickly.

Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry - Repair Registry  Screen

Figure 2. Repair Registry Screen

Step 3: Quick scan is scanning different areas as shown in Scanning Registry Screen

Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry - Scanning Registry Screen

Figure 3. Scanning Registry Screen

Step 4: This is the result of your quick scan.You can view detailed list of problems here.

Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry - Problem Details Screen

Figure 4. Problem Details Screen

Step 5: Repair process is completed and all your registry problems are fixed.

Repair Windows 7 Corrupt Registry - Repair Completed Screen

Figure 5. Repair Completed Screen

NOTE: Due to registry corruption, if you are unable to access MS Outlook data then PST file might have been corrupted. In order to repair Outlook PST, you can use Repair Outlook Tool that can repair PST file corrupted due to any common reasons and restore all the attributes of Outlook.