Repairing Corrupted or Damaged Video File

Are you not able to watch your most favorite video file? You have kept your marriage video in your computer long time back. But after so many days when you are trying to watch that video file again then you are shocked. You are not able to play the video file. So you must be feeling so sad because there is no other copy of that video you have. So what’s the solution? Is it possible to get that file back? The answer is actually yes. You can get your video file back by fixing the file with repair corrupted file tool.

Video file corruption means something which makes any video file unplayable. So many causes are there which are completely responsible for video file corruption. If the camera is shutting down during recording the video due to low battery problem then the file may get corrupt. While transferring any video file from your digital camera to your computer if get interrupt then the file may get damage. If the memory card of the camera is corrupted then all video file will also get corrupted. Sometime if the file is not saved in proper format then it is not readable by the computer. And this file will be considered as corrupted one. May be you are experiencing some connection problems during copying files. It causes incomplete and corrupted file. If the memory card get ejected or removed manually at the time of recording video then the file will appear as a corrupted one. Sometime continuous changing of file formats or unsupported display programs may cause video file corruption.

These damaged files you can’t open. Only the proper software will resolve the problem and repair damaged MOV files or any other video files. Corrupted File Repair is that kind of software which allows you to repair corrupt QuickTime file and watch your favorite videos once again in any media player on both Windows and Mac computers.

Sometimes your hard drive may be filled with lots of files & folders. So to save the memory space of the disk you can reduce the size of the folder by compressing technique using ZIP. But if the compressing technique is not proper then it may lead to corruption of ZIP file & hence data loss. You can use corrupt file repair tool to fix ZIP file.

Along with ZIP there is different compressing techinique called as RAR which compressess the files to save memory space if the system and hence it also provides security to the files that are present from virus infection or from various other reasons. But sometimes CRC errors occur when there is a mismatch between sending & receiving file size or file transfer error over the network. Use the RAR repair application to fix damaged RAR documents after CRC errors.

Adobe Photoshop documents are nothing but those types of files that are saved using this Adobe application. We can easily edit the images that are present which increases the image quality. But sometimes due to interruption like sudden power surge during compressing the PSD file, it may get corrupted and become inacessible. To know how to get this file repaired and to get back access click on this link.

Features which makes this software unique from all other repairing tool

  • Repair corrupted or damaged video files like MOV, MP4 files
  • Supports large sized corrupt or damaged MOV, MP4 video files
  • Automatically performs repair process by separating video and audio data streams
  • Comes with two editions. Windows edition and Mac edition
  • Preview option is available to see the result of the repairing process
  • Does not cause any damage to the original video file
  • Fix problems for the copy of the original files

Supported camcorder brands: Kodak, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, Sanyo, Contour, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, etc.

While talking about repair corrupted files or damaged files like word files also comes in mind. What to do if any of your word files get damaged? So for that one file repair tool comes with special features to fix corrupted word documents.

And if you are facing problem in operating any RAR files then damaged RAR file repair software will provide full support to get back the same file as it was before the file corruption.

Easy steps to repair video files

Step 1: Download the software & launch the it on your computer. Now select the corrupted video file from your computer using browse button.

Fix Corrupt Video Files - Select Recover Photos

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: To start the repair process "Repair" option need to select.

Fix Corrupt Video Files - Select Repair

Figure 2: Select Repair

Step 3: At the end of the repair process evaluate the fixing result by using the preview option. If it is enough satisfactory then purchase the software immediately.

Fix Corrupt Video Files - Repaired Data

Figure 3: Repaired Data