MP4 File Repair

MP4 files are popular video file format. Some times as result of accidental faults the MP4 file that is present in the system gets damaged or truncated as result of which it cannot be played by using any media playing application. Did you lose recordings of your sons first birthday due to MP4 file corruption? Using this repair application you can fix all the .mp4 files that are stored in the system without causing any damage to the original files. This tool doesn’t change the file name that is present with the original file. Also the most important files like Outlook PST can be repaired by using PST repair software. To get more information on how to repair corrupted Microsoft Outlook PST file, one can visit here -

Some of the reasons that leads to MP4 file corruption are:

  • Application Fault: Some of the applications that are used to play all the .mp4 files get corrupted if they are open as result of virus infection or due to sudden power surge which shuts down the application abruptly. Incomplete installation process also leads to application fault which damages the .mp4 files.
  • Virus Infection: Virus Infection is one of the major reasons that cause damage to most of the files that are present in the system. Virus enters the system from various sources and makes the computer slow, damaging all the files that are stored in it and hence making them inaccessible. The best way to prevent .mp4 file damage is to use the best anti-virus repair application which blocks all the threats from gaining entry into the system. But sometimes it fails to repair the severly corrupted MP4 file, instead deletes it while trying to fix it. So better to use file repair tool to fix the MP4 file.
  • Abrupt System Shut Down: Shutting down the system abruptly causes damage to the .mp4 files that are present in the system. Shutting down the system without closing the application that is playing the media file also causes damage to the .mp4 files that are being played in the system. System also shuts down abruptly when there is a drive failure or some other faults that causes system crash leading to the corruption of those files.

No matter how the video file is corrupted, you can easily fix it by using third party corrupt file repair software. It can detect errors in the corrupted video files and fixes the same. It is a fully automated tool so that the single click on "Repair" option is enough to fix damaged video filesAlong with MP4 files, it is also possible to repair AVI video files by using this software.

Developed with the most skilled software professionals this repair tool fixes the damaged .mp4 file in no time. Using the deep scanning algorithms installed in this application the damage files can be repaired from various partitions like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, Ex-Fat and NFTS5 partitions. This tool supports the repairing of those mp4 files that are damaged as result of incomplete conversion of files from one format to other for viewing those video files in iPods. To get more information about repairing procedure of the iPod video files click on this link There are various sizes of mp4 files that are present in the system; this repair tool supports the repair of all those files that are corrupted. After the completion of the repair process the entire video can be previewed before it can be saved. After using the demo version of this application you can purchase the key to utilize the full services of this software and save the files which are required to the user. You can effectively use the online facility available if any problems are encountered with the purchased tool.

There are various file formats that are available for storing the compressed files. ZIP file is one of them which can be used to compress the large sized file to save the memory space and for security purpose. Continue reading this to get more info on how to repair the corrupted zip files that are present in the system.

Simple procedure to repair MP4 files present in the system:

Step 1: Select the corrupted mp4 file from the system click on the “Repair” button to start the repair process of the damaged file.

Corrupt MP4 File Repair - Select Recover Photos

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: This takes you to the scanning window and after the completion of the repair process the file can be previewed.

Corrupt MP4 File Repair - Select Repair

Figure 2: Select Repair

Step 3: After viewing the contents of the file that have been repaired save them to the desired location as available to the local host operating system.

Corrupt MP4 File Repair - Repaired Data

Figure 3: Repaired Data