Corrupt File Repair

iPod Video Repair

iPod is the portable media player that was designed and developed by Apple Inc. This is an ultra compact device which plays the video files in much easier way. This iPod has the capacity to record and store the videos in the device. These video files are stored in mp4 format in the iPod and the user can access them when he desires to. Accidents tend to happen in our day to day life in which the user ends up with losing some of the digital information that was stored in the storage device or causing damage to some of the video files that were stored in it. With the help of the repair application that has been designed with some of the most exceptional features fix the corrupted video file in less span of time without changing the file names that were associated with the file.

Some of the major scenarios that cause video file corruption are:

  • Accidental Formatting: Accidental formatting is one of the major reasons that cause damage to video files that are stored in the iPod. The user may click on the format button and suddenly realizes that some of the video files haven’t been taken off from the device. He stops the format process and tries to play the clip that was present in it. To his surprise he gets a message that the file is not proper format and cannot be played.

  • Corruption of Storage mediums: All the devices that are present in the market come with storage mediums which vary in their size of carrying the information within them. Sometimes these storage devices get corrupted and hence all the video files that are stored in it get’s damaged. These storage devices are corrupted as result of virus infection that occurs in the iPod.

  • Converting the file to different other formats: There are various applications that are available to the user which allows him to change the type of files from one format to other. If the process of converting the file system from one format to other is not done properly then you may encounter some error which result in inaccessible of video file.

Video repair utility has been with to repair the video files that get damaged due to certain reasons as mentioned above. This application has the most unique features that are installed within this tool for repairing purpose. Automatic repair option removes or separates the audio and video data streams and links them in accordance to play the file that matches the video description. The most special option that has been included in this tool is that you can preview the video files before saving them. Hence the user need not worry about the wrong files being saved in the iPod. If the user needs to test the efficiency of this application then use the demo version of this tool. Once satisfied with the results, use the full version of this tool and save the repaired file.

There are various types of video files & one among them is .mov, this file format was initially developed by Apple for Quick Time media player. Some times there is some disturbance when the video file is being played. This indicates that the file is corrupted and has to be repaired. With the help of this video repair utility all the videos of .mov format that have been damaged can be repaired without much effort. To know more about the repair process check this link.

There are other video formats available which are used to record or play the video files. As a result of virus infection almost all the video files that are present in the system get damaged. The user cannnot access them using a particular application. Need not worry you can fix video files with the help of this video repair tool without causing any damage to those files.

Simple steps to Repair Corrupted Videos from your iPod:

Step 1: Install the software by downloading it from the net. Click on the “Browse” button that has been provided in the main screen of the tool to select the video file that has to be repaired.

How to Fix a Corrupted iPod Video? - Select Recover Photos

Step 2: After selecting the file click on the “Repair” option which will guide you to the repair process.

How to Fix a Corrupted iPod Video? - Select Repair

Step 3: Once the repairing process is completed, we can preview the files that have been repaired by this tool.

How to Fix a Corrupted iPod Video? - Repaired Data