Fix ZIP file

Are you tensed because of corrupted ZIP file? ZIP file is used for compressing large sized file so that it takes less space in hard disk & can be use to share & transfer.  It is popular because of its enriched features. ZIP file can be mailed & downloaded easily. It is common nowadays to archive files to maintain a proper back up of vital information or to transfer them over network but risk of files getting corrupted also increases. Corruption is quiet a common issue and can happen at any point of time. Reasons like CRC error, malware infection, download error, power failure, etc. Now you may be thinking ‘How can I repair a zip file?’

Corrupt file repair tool is perfect choice for repairing damaged ZIP file. You will get to know about the process of fixing ZIP file, but first let us discuss about some causes that lead to corruption of the file.

Facts responsible for ZIP file corruption:

  • Improper downloading of ZIP file: Sometimes it may have happen to you that you try to open a downloaded ZIP file & you may encounter error message like “Could not open E:\data\”. This error message may be due to incomplete download or your connection is low.
  • Power failure: If there is a sudden power failure & if the system gets turned off suddenly due to power surges while extracting ZIP file contents then you may end up with ZIP file corruption. Once ZIP file gets corrupted then you will be unable to read the file resulting in data loss.
  • Header corruption: The file header holds complete information about Zip file. If the header file gets corrupted then you may end up with error message, which will not allow you to access files from it. Header file may get corrupted due to downloading malicious program, power surges problems and file header editing tool.
  • External Threats: Malicious programs downloaded from the internet creates replica of the original file and sometimes it may erase the information resulting in loss of files.
  • CRC error: It is one of the common causes of corruption of ZIP file. It may occur due to file transfer error over the network, which introduces invalid info  into the ZIP file contents.

Corrupt file repair tool is specially designed to extract all the compressed files from broken archives of the ZIP file format. This application is also capable to fix Word file after macro virus attack, round tripping, improper system shutdown or application crash. Visit  to know the detailed recovery procedure.It perform a repair on damaged zip keeping the original file intact and saving the fixed one as new file. It also allows you to repair damaged ZIP file from all storage devices & also fixes password protected ZIP files. This software also provides an excellent technique to fix MOV file without much difficulty.

Easy steps to repair RAR files

Step 1: Download software on your computer & then launch it on your computer. You need to browse the corrupted ZIP files from your system

How Can I Repair a Zip File - Select Recover Photos

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: To start the repair program select the option "Repair" Once completed screen will be displayed with repaired files.

How Can I Repair a Zip File - Repaired Files

Figure 2: Repaired Files

Step 3: After previewing you can also save the repaired file in teh desired location

How Can I Repair a Zip File - Select Destination Folder

Figure 3: Select Destination Folder