RAR CRC Error Repair

RAR is one the most preferred techniques for compressing the files. Using these compressing techniques the user can save almost all types of files in this format so that it can be prevented from virus infection and other malware attacks. It also minimizes the disk space. Data corruption can happen to any files that are present in the system and lead to loss of valuable information. CRC error is one of the main reason for RAR file corruption. CRC error occurs when RAR file fails to extract the contents & displays error message saying that the sending & the receiving message doesnot match. It may be use to file transfer error,improper compreesing technique, etc. Need not worry! This is not the permanent loss of data; all the files that are stored in it can be recovered effectively from the damaged RAR file by using the RAR repair tool that has been specially designed for this purpose.

Some of the reasons that may cause CRC error are:

  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is one of the major reasons that lead to damage of the RAR files that are present in the system. This virus gains entry into the system from various sources such as while using internet the user might download certain files which lead to corruption of all the RAR files along with other files. The system also gets infected with virus when the user transfers files from infected external hard drive or other storage media into the system.
  • Power Surge: Sudden loss of power while extracting RAR files leads to corruption of those files and hence loss of all the data that is present in it. Proper power backup should be maintained to prevent damage to the RAR files that are saved in the system.
  • Improper compressing technique: Your system may contain lots of files but you cannot delete them to save the space because these files may be important to you. So best way to save the disk space is compressing the file using RAR application. If you use the tool that is incompatible with your OS or if there is an interruption during compressing process then it may corrupt the RAR file.

RAR repair tool was developed with advanced features to repair all the RAR files that are damaged due to various reasons that are mentioned above. Using the services of this repair application you can repair all versions of RAR files within no time and get back all the information that is present in it. Using the advanced options loaded in this application you can repair DivX file annd those RAR files with CRC Errors that have been protected with passwords. Download use the demo version of this repair tool and evaluate your chances of getting back the data that is present in the damaged RAR file. Once satisfied with the results you can purchase the key to use the full version of this tool and save the data that is present in it. To get more information about DivX file repair, visit this link:http://www.corruptfilerepair.net/divx.html. This repair application has been loaded with strong RAR repair engine to rescue the data that is present in it the damaged RAR file. Similar to RAR files, corrupted PST file can also be repaired to get back all lost data from your Outlook profile. To repair corrupt Microsoft Outlook PST file, one can get best software through this link - http://www.corruptfilerepair.net/microsoft-outlook-pst.html.

ZIP files are another form of compression technique that is most widely used among the users. Using Zip compression technique you can easily compress and mail the necessary files through internet. Sometimes due to interruption during file transfer or due to other reasons the ZIP files that are present in the system get corrupted. Need not worry! Go through this link for more information about the repair procedure of the corrupted ZIP file.

Video files that are present in iPod gets corrupted as result of various reasons. The files that are corrupted cannot be played and hence all the recordings are gone. Go to http://www.corruptfilerepair.net/how-to-fix-ipod-video.html to know how to repair the corrupted video files that are saved in the iPod.

PSD stands for photoshop document files that are saved by Adobe Photoshop. This application is used to edit the images that are present and add different layers to it in Mac as well as Windows operating system. Due to virus infection or some other reasons these files may get damaged which results in loss of all the information that has been stored in it. Go to this page to know how to repair damaged PSD file.

Follow these simple steps to repair damaged RAR files:

Step 1: Download and install the application in the system by logging in as system administrator. Click on the “Browse” button and select the RAR file that has to be repaired.

Fix CRC Error in RAR File - Select Recover Photos

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now click on the “Repair” button which will take you to the scanning process and hence the repaired files can be viewed.

Fix CRC Error in RAR File - Repaired Files

Figure 2: Repaired Files

Step 3: After viewing the files you can select to save them on the chosen destination location.

Fix CRC Error in RAR File - Select Destination Folder

Figure 3: Select Destination Folder